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Why Should You Elope?

Your elopement should be about creating meaningful memories, epic experiences, and unique adventures that reflect who you are as a couple and not ones that you were pressured into. 

I know letting go of the expectation and pressure that comes with traditional weddings can be scary, but I‘m here to help guide you to your authentic adventure, together.

Elopements allow your ultimate freedom of choice and I’ll help you create it!

Eloping provides freedom to let go and have fun!

If the stressful planning, family drama, or performance of  a big wedding performance doesn’t sit right with you – eloping might be for you!

Not only will the elopement planning process be enjoyable, but you’ll start off your marriage with the wedding adventure you actually want.

You deserve a wedding day that allows you to be completely yourself without judgements of others so you can adventure and have fun!

Elopements are the most authentic and meaningful way to get married

Eloping is your most special adventure yet

Have you ever had that perfect adventure day with the one you love? Maybe it’s that picnic on your favorite beach, or a towering mountain you climbed all day to sit and enjoy the view together…

What if on your wedding day, you got to do that special adventuring hand-in-hand with your person? What if you got to choose what your entire wedding day looks like? What if you actually enjoyed and savored every moment of that day?

That is exactly what happens when you choose to put your love and wants above outside opinions – because it’s YOUR day and it shouldn’t be any other way!

With an unleashed elopement, your wedding day is yours to create.

why i love adventure elopements

Elopements provide you with the ultimate freedom to choose every aspect of your wedding day and I couldn’t be more stoked about your elopement decision!

I want to help couples to feel empowered to let go of the fear of outside pressures that come with a traditional wedding and create a day that creates meaningful memories!

Eloping provides you with an everlasting experience that is meaningful and creates a lifetime of cherished memories that you’ll actually remember.

Your wedding day is much more than photos – it’s a once in a lifetime memory.

Elopements allow you to create your most meaningful and special adventure yet

I'm More Than Just Your Photographer

Documenting your love story authentically is so much more than just showing up on your wedding day! I believe the best way to have an elopement is to hire a photographer who will also help create your special day from the moment you come into contact with me.

Not only will I photograph your entire wedding story with intention, but I’ll help guide along the entire process while having fun so you can enjoy all the wanderlust.

Every step of your elopement process will be customized from your  personal elopement expert. 

I truly believe connecting with my couples as if I were hanging out with my best friends. Your elopement is intimate and special – you deserve a photographer who gets that and will help you with location choices, permit help, vendor recommendations, and creating a customized day for you two. 

Get to know your Oregon photographer and experience creator -

I’m Sharlee – an elopement photographer based in Portland, Oregon living with my husband, dog, cat, and hedgehog.

Not only am I an outdoor enthusiast and frequent traveler, I started my photography career as a landscape photographer.

I’m extremely knowledgeable in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah and love traveling around the World for your elopement.

I’m super passionate about specializing my time and skill into creating a whole elopement experience for you – not just photos.

Our connection with nature means much more to me than pretty photos. It’s about the core memories we create while enjoying the great outdoors with the people we love – that’s the beauty of elopements to me.

Let's create your dream wedding adventure

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Elopement Photography Pricing

Packages starting at $3,000 elopement photo and creations. Travel welcomed!

the elopement services included:

  1. “How to Elope” Guide
  2. Vendor recommendations
  3. Personalized location lists 
  4. Tips, tricks, and checklists
  5. Permit and legal help
  6. Creating your elopement day timeline 
  7. Full-day documentation
  8. Videography and film package add-ons
  9. Online print shop and wood keepsake box to store your images
  10. Anything else you need to make your elopement perfect!


from couples like you

how to elope

  1. Inquire with me – by starting here

  2. Book your unleashed elopement!

  3.  Pick your location – don’t worry, I’ll help you choose

  4.  Receive all the tips and info specific to your elopement

  5. Experience and enjoy your wedding day!

  6. Receive your timeless images

  7. Cherish your adventure for years to come

I value authenticity – and I believe that our values and your elopement desires should fit like your favorite pair of jeans! So if you value authentic experiences and exploring the outdoors with the people (and pets) you love – I’m your person.

Book a free consultation below to see if vibe!

Values of Unleashed Elopements

love is love

Your relationship should never  be turned away. I will always stand with you and who you are no matter your gender, race, or sexuality.

respect for all

From the great black bears to the fragile moss of our Earth, I will always treat every creature and vegetation with love and respect to better the World we live in.


Your elopement process will always be customized to who you are as a couple and I will always be here to empower you along the way.

Perfect gay marriage hugging playing images of two tatooed woman near Mount Saint Helens lake in roman long black skirt and white bridal dress with floral headband crown and their brown dog by a talented wedding photographer during summer in July.

Include Your Pets on Your Elopement!

Because pets are so much more than animals – they’re our best friends.

Growing up, my childhood always included animals. Whether that was obsessing over wild life, or sneaking in pets to my home – animals have brought such a special joy to my life. I know your pets mean the same to you!

With a strong background in pet experience, as I still serve as a Certified Veterinary Technician- your pets are always welcome for your elopement day if you so choose.

There’s so many options that can fit perfectly into your elopement day. Just let me know if you want them to tag along and we’ll create the funnest experience for you all.

Certified Veterinary Technician

Nationally Certified for 5+ years

Fear Free Certified

Nationally Certified for 5+ years

Ask me how you can include your pet on your elopement!

Leave No trace for elopements

I’m so excited to photograph your special day in our beautiful planet. As a fellow adventurer, I knew I wanted to photograph amazing couples like you that cherish the outdoors and bring that shared interest together in a unique wedding experience.

We have a huge privilege of being able to access such amazing public lands as a backdrop for committing your lives to each other. Instead of paying thousands for a wedding venue, public lands give us the best venue in the world, for nearly free. That’s pretty freakin sweet!

With that, comes the responsibility for all of us to keep our “venues” looking gorgeous – so you two can come back to that spot in 5, 20, or 50 years, and for it to still look and feel the same as when you tied the knot!

So as your Oregon elopement photographer, I’m excited to help you two create a beautiful outdoor wedding day that’s as kind to the planet, as it is to us.

Your Free Planning

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It’s time to dream up your most special day ever! All-day Elopement Creation Packages starting at $3,000 with world-wide travel available.