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Elopement Photographer

I’m here to provide more than just cool photos. I’m here to help create your most meaningful day.

I’ll be your elopement creator and guide, providing you with a personalized process from start to finish.

I believe that my purpose is going the extra mile to make your day perfect. Whether it’s helping you pick out your elopement location, packing your bouquet, or celebrating your marriage with drinks – this is how I help create a fun elopement process for you!

I love being able to help you create a perfect day unique to you and your partner – a day focused solely on what’s authentic to your relationship!

I hope you’ll join me in unleashing your desire to elope!

I’m Sharlee – elopement photographer, animal lover, & nature junkie

Growing up in the small town of Idaho, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful wildflowers, mountains, and streams as my playground. I spent my years exploring the outdoors by swimming, hiking, camping, and fishing. 

Then, I picked up picked my first camera 8 years ago and became immediately drawn to capture the scenery around me. I continued on to find love for photographing couples, as the romantic, sappy person I am. 

Soon after, I discovered the beauty of capturing out-of-the-ordinary couples like you! The ones who want to hike up a mountain or chill at the beach for their wedding day instead of being in a stuffy venue. It changed my whole perspective on how to make your elopement and life truly you own.

There is something so special and spiritual about exchanging your vows in nature and I love empowering couples who choose to do so!

You deserve a photographer that you connect with

I now reside in Portland, Oregon with my husband Spencer, our dog Tensoon, our cat Maneki Neko, and our hedgehog Mango. We love to hike, swim, climb, fish, road trip, and try new foods!

I also have a huge love for music, as we are both musicians ourselves. If you are incorporating music into your elopement, I’m ALL for it!

I still serve as a Certified Veterinary Technician, so rest assure that if you want to bring your pets on your elopement day, I’ve got plenty of ideas to include them along.

Sound Like We Could Be Friends?

Favorite Foods:

Anything out-of-the-ordinary; ramen, Salt & Straw, falafel, xiaolongbao, cajun mac & cheese. – literally could talk about food all day!

Currently living in:

Portland, Oregon for the past 4 years. Grew up in Eastern Idaho

Favorite adventures:

Camping down the Oregon Coast for a whole week with my husband and two of our friends and traveling the East Coast during autumn

Favorite Hobbies:

Playing fiddle and guitar, collecting vinyls, tending my plants, playing Nintendo games, hiking/camping/swimming/climbing and traveling


2w3 (lover, helper, organized, emotional, social)

What I love:

Sunrises, desserts, cuddling, planning trips, smell of campfire, napping at the beach, the feel of warm sun

Favorite Music Artisits:

Fleet Foxes, Mark Kozelek, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, Brockhampton, Fleetwood Mac, First Aid Kit, Father John Misty, Maggie Rogers

What i hate:

Closed-minded bigots, not having sub-titles during a movie, large parties, cable tv

Why I Specialize in Elopements

Each elopement reminds me how much of an honor it is being the only person to be present for a couple’s most special day. Because of this feeling, I am solely dedicated to photographing adventurous couples who want to get married outdoors. 

I believe that you should have a photographer that invests all their work efforts into what you deserve as an eloping couple. Just like you would seek out that specialist for an important medical procedure, I’m here to focus exclusively on you wild & daring couples!   

Elopements have truly opened my eyes to how memorable and stress-free weddings can be.  I am so passionate about letting people know that this is a real option, and love giving couples like you the chance to elope. 

When you choose to elope, your moments are cherished, not rushed. 

The photos are real, not posed. 

The day is an adventure, not a performance.

Does eloping sound awesome to you?

Pets are much more than just animals – they’re family.

Do you love your pets like family?

Bring your pet to your elopement!

Animals have always been a huge part of my life – and I know they have for many people too. I grew up sneaking chickens, dogs, birds, rodents, and so many more pets into our house (with the help of my dad – lol). I always loved pointing out the wildlife when we were outside, hanging out with my friends pets, and watching animal documentaries in my spare time. I know I’m not the only one!

Right out of high school, I went into veterinary technology, graduated, and became a Certified Veterinary Technician. I still serve as a vet tech in Oregon and love being able to help care for our fur babies. 

With my background and knowledge of pet safety, care, and passion – I love being able to help couples include their pets on their elopement day, because they are just as an important! If you choose to bring your fur baby (or babies) along, I’ll help you create a unique, safe, & stress-less elopement with them! 

I Wished I Would Have Eloped…

Did you know that over half of people got married regret how their wedding day looked?

Well, I’m one of those people. When we got hitched at a young age and although pressure to have a big wedding didn’t feel right to us, but we didn’t think there was any other way. We had no idea we could choose to get married in a way that was truly us and memorable!

Although we chose to ditch certain traditions and have a much smaller wedding than most, we still felt the exhaustion, blur, and regret of a traditional wedding. Looking back now, I am grateful we got married when we did – but we both wish we would have done things a bit differently.

This story, like many others, are to help you realize that you don’t have to get married the way everyone else does.

Whether you choose to sleep in and make waffles together in a cabin in the woods, or watch the sunrise as you exchange your vows in front of your 10 favorite people – you get to create the day you have dreamed of. 

Coming Soon To Unleashed Elopements:

This year (2022) my husband, Spencer, will be joining the team to bring you stunning DRONE photography images for your love-story documentation at no extra charge. Pretty exciting right?!

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