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one step closer to your dream elopement

Authentic, adventurous elopement documentation for wild lovers “letting go” of the traditional way of marriage. 

Eloping Gives You The Freedom of Choice

You deserve to know that you have options for your wedding day!

But What is an Elopement?

An elopement is a pre-meditated decision that you have made as a couple – to let go of what others think and create an adventure for yourself. An elopement is more than saying your vows somewhere cool and taking a few photos.

Choosing to elope is putting your wants first – because isn’t that what your wedding day should be about? It’s the day that you will always remember, celebrate, and cherish. It’s the adventure of a lifetime!

Once you have chosen to dedicate your wedding day to purely just you two – materials and outside pressures will cease to exist.

Eloping is..

Brave, genuine, unique, personal, and whatever you want it to be!

Eloping is NOT..

Selfish, a back-up plan, embarrassing, cheap, or any less real than a big wedding.

What Do Elopements Offer?

Elopements provide creative freedom and unlimited choices

You are deciding to be fearless and let go of the traditional leash and allowing yourself to create something magical and authentic

Elopements are more than photoshoots: 

Elopements are much more than providing love story documentation and deserve more than just that!

I’m here to guide and create every step of your elopement process. Even planning a small wedding can be overwhelming and you shouldn’t have to do it by yourself. I’ll be your expert to help with any stage of your elopement creating process so you’ll be able to actually enjoy the day you get married. 

Not only will I be your biggest supporter and photographer – I will also provide you will a full elopement experience.

From detailed questionnaires to figure out your values as a couple, to creating a personalized timeline for your unique adventure, and timeless images for you to value for a lifetime – I’m much more than just your photographer. 

Elopements are amazing because they value a stress-free process for lovers that choose to create their own wedding adventure.

Services Included 

  1. personalized “how to elope” guide
  2. customized location lists
  3. personal vendor and lodging recommendations
  4. detailed checklists, tips, and tricks!
  5. permit and logistical help
  6. officiant services
  7. unique elopement timeline
  8. no extra travel fees
  9. full day documentation
  10. Video and film photo add-ons
  11. convenient online gallery & shop of all your images 
  12. a new best friend!

I can’t wait to hear about your elopement dreams!

Meet Your Fellow Outdoor & Animal Lover!

I’m Sharlee –

From one outdoor and animal enthusiast to another, I’m so excited that you have landed here!

I know that once you make the choose to elope, you can feel a combination of fear of the unknown.

I’m here to help you dream, craft, create, and document your ultimate elopement experience – because you deserve it!

If you are a lover of the outdoors and want to create a wedding day that’s completely yours – I’m your elopement photographer and creator!

How it Works



Just fill out a simple contact form at the button below. You’ll receive a detailed email answering your questions, concerns, and info personalized for your elopement.



Once we decide we’re a good fit, then we can get you booked! Don’t worry if you don’t have an exact date or location – we can work on finding those perfect details together.

You will also receive an extensive & personalized How to Elope guide – that’s only available to booked clients! 


location recommendations

After I learn more about who you are as a couple and what your dream day looks like, I will compile a detailed and customized location list just for you.


Vendor + Lodging Recommendations

Throughout our planning process together, you can rest assure you are not alone! I will gather vendor, lodging, attire, and gear recommendations specific to your elopement location. You will also receive checklists, guides, and a customizable elopement timeline!



All of the dreaming and planning has come together for the adventure of a lifetime. This is your time to actually enjoy your wedding day – your day is made to be authentic, un-rushed, and as spontaneous as you like it!


your photos to cherish

Within eight weeks of your elopement, you will receive access to the full gallery of high-resolution, edited images of your day. You can share and print right from your own home!

Now, you get to reflect on your adventure you created – for a lifetime.

Why do I need full day coverage?

Big weddings get 8-12 hours of coverage (not to mention engagement sessions and bridals) – why shouldn’t your elopement?

I don’t believe your elopement day is any less important than a traditional wedding – and you shouldn’t either!

You’d be surprised to know that once you have slowed down the pace of your wedding day to be un-rushed and stress free, without running around exhausted, you’ll need much more time than you expected.

Your wedding day deserves to be fully documented from getting ready at a cabin, to driving up the mountain in a Jeep, saying your vows in the forest, and sharing your first meal at sunset – it ALL matters.

Every moment of your wedding day passes by so quickly, and every moment matters. Trust me, I regretted the 4 hours of coverage for my own wedding and don’t ever to feel that. 

Your elopement is much more than a photoshoot, a pretty location, and a ceremony. This is the day you will celebrate, cherish, and hold close to your heart for years to come.

You deserve to have every part of your unique adventure documented.

What could full day coverage look like?

  • Exchanging your vows on an epic mountain top, then celebrating with a BBQ with family
  • Kayaking on the bluest lake you’ve ever seen, then watching the sunset with your dogs
  • Sleeping in to make your favorite waffles and coffee, then taking the day to road trip to multiple locations for an amazing sunset 
  • Snowshoeing to a remote hot spring in the woods, where you can say your vows with no one around
  • Swimming in the tropical, warm waters next to thousands of fish wishing you a happy marriage 

Eloping is dreaming up your most meaningful adventure!

Ready to chat about your elopement vision?

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Elopement Packages & Pricing

The World Wanderer

anywhere in the world

With over 190 countries in our world, you get the freedom to choose any adventure on Earth! Let’s collaborate to find the perfect spot to say “I do” as you explore somewhere new.

What’s included

  • Detailed “How to Elope” guide
  • Location scouting
  • Tips for your unique elopement
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Personalized elopement timeline
  • Online gallery + shop with sharing and downloading abilities
  • Customized wedding album
  • No extra travel fees!

Starting at $6,500

The USA Adventure

anywhere in the united states

Whether you dream of rugged mountains, massive waterfalls, or never-ending deserts… America offers it all! You won’t be disappointed in whatever type of rugged landscape you choose for your ultimate U.S. adventure.

What’s included

  • Detailed “How to Elope” guide
  • Location scouting
  • Tips for your unique elopement
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Personalized elopement timeline
  • Online gallery + shop with sharing and downloading abilities
  • Customized wedding album
  • No extra travel fees!

Starting at $5,000

The West Exploration

idaho, utah, montana, wyoming

This is a hiker, backpacker, or road-tripper’s dreamland! The States of Idaho, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming offer some of the most wild & beautiful views imagined – places that are perfectly secluded for you. I know, because I grew up here for 20 years!

What’s included

  • Detailed “How to Elope” guide
  • Location scouting
  • Tips for your unique elopement
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Personalized elopement timeline
  • Online gallery + shop with sharing and downloading abilities
  • Customized wedding album
  • No extra travel fees!

Starting at $4,000

The Pacific Thrill

oregon & washington

The incredible lands of Oregon and Washington I call home. I know these locations inside and out. I would love to share the endless hidden gems such as waterfalls, beaches, and gorgeous mountain views that would make an unforgettable elopement!

What’s included

  • Detailed “How to Elope” guide
  • Location scouting
  • Tips for your unique elopement
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Personalized elopement timeline
  • Online gallery + shop with sharing and downloading abilities
  • Customized wedding album
  • No extra travel fees!

Starting at $3,000

let’s start planning

Your Dream Elopement

Film Images and Videography Services:

If you are looking to make your wedding day extra special, adding film images and/or videography is a must! 

I have partnered with the amazing Isabella Griffith to bring your marriage documentation to life with an additional way of telling your unique love story.

If you are interested in her services, all are included on my pricing guide I will send you once you inquire- or directly reach out to here!

Film and videography add-ons starting at $1,250

Isabella is a film photographer and Super 8 videographer who brings a unique perspective on your wedding day documentation.

Other Adventure Experiences

Unleashed Adventures

Adventure Sessions

anywhere in the World

Customized adventure sessions for couples proposing, engaged, or those who just want adventurous photos!

What’s included

  • Adventurous coverage: (hiking, cuddling, fire-roasting, etc.)
  • Location and attire ideas
  • Tips/tricks for your session
  • Online gallery + shop with sharing and downloading abilities
  • No extra travel fees! (within 3 hrs of Portland)

Starting at $300

What about Vow Renewals?

Whether you are renewing your vows to one another because you want to adventure again, or you didn’t had the wedding you wanted, I believe should be treated just like your wedding all of again.

My pricing is the same as an elopement because I value and work creating them just as much as your first elopement! You’ll receive all of the additional services that come with these packages too.

What’s included

  • Detailed “How to Elope” guide
  • Location scouting
  • Tips for your unique elopement
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Personalized elopement timeline
  • Online gallery + shop with sharing and downloading abilities
  • Customized wedding album
  • No extra travel fees!

Starting at $3,000

Take It From..

couples like you

Get a Custom Quote

anywhere in the World

If you desire something a little extra like skydiving, taking a helicopter, or even horse back riding – you deserve to any type of adventure your heart leads you to. No idea is too crazy, and I can create a custom quote for you anytime.

What your custom elopement could look like:

  • Exploring the wild Glaciers of Alaska in helicopter
  • Taking a yacht out in the blue, Caribbean waters and swimming with the tropical fish
  • Bungee jumping off a high bridge to celebrate your marriage
  • Horse back riding in the desolated forests of Montana
  • A safari ride in the African plains
  • WHATEVER the hell you want (:

Inquire about your unique adventure here

I’m More Than Your Photographer.

because you deserve a full elopement experience

As a fellow lover of exploration and the outdoors, I’m here to offer you so much more than just epic images of your elopement but a full personalized experience from start to finish.

I take my time to get to know you as a couple, help create your favorite adventure together, and assist with any other logistic along the way.  This is how we will make your elopement come alive.

Tell me what kind of adventure you’re dreaming of, and we’ll make it happen!

xx – Sharlee

I provide details on how to elope, permit and legal help, tips/tricks/checklists, location scouting, officiant services, and of course full-day documentation of your love story. 

Unleashed Elopement Values

All Love Welcomed

Respect the Earth 

Pets are Family

Include Your Pets on Your Elopement!

Because pets are so much more than animals – they’re our best friends.

Growing up, my childhood always included animals. Whether that was obsessing over wild life, or sneaking in pets to my home – animals have brought such a special joy to my life. I know your pets mean the same to you!

With a strong background in pet experience, as I still serve as a Certified Veterinary Technician- your pets are always welcome for your elopement day if you so choose.

There’s so many options that can fit perfectly into your elopement day. Just let me know if you want them to tag along and we’ll create the funnest experience for you all.

Certified Veterinary Technician

Nationally Certified for 5+ years

Fear Free Certified

Nationally Certified for 5+ years

Ask me how you can include your pet on your elopement!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours do we need?

Although this all depends on what your elopement day looks like, I don’t recommend any less than 8 hours. This ensures that you aren’t ever in a hurry and you will be able to have your full day documented – no memories get left out!

What if we don't have a location or date in mind?

Absolutely NO PROBLEM! One of the services I offer is helping couples like you find the perfect place that fits their wants and needs.

If you have a particular area in mind, I will usually suggest the best time of year to go there.

Do you reschedule for bad weather?

Unless there is a national emergency or warning that will put our safety in danger, I do not reschedule for bad weather. I believe there isn’t bad weather, but bad gear and bad preparation.

Don’t worry if you don’t have experience in a particular season, location, or adventure – I’m here to help guide and educate you! 

Do we have to exclude family and friends?

Your family and friends are definitely welcome – if that’s what you want! I am a huge family person and I can understand why you would want your loved ones there. 

We will create the best option for you and your guests – whether that’s hiking all together, partying after your intimate ceremony, or reliving your day through images with them after your elopement.

What if we don't want to hike?

Elopement does not equal hiking. Your elopement is whatever you damn well want it to be! I have created a customized guide for my booked clients that entails LOADS of options for your elopement activities, none of which have to be hiking.

Do you cover permits?

All of my packages include my photography permit wherever needed. You will need to obtain a permit for the ceremony, but I will help guide you through the process of getting one without the stress!

Do we need an officiant?

There are a few options on how to get legally hitched! You can 1)hire an officiant 2) have a family member/friend get ordained 3)I can perform the ceremony as a certified minister for the USA or 4) self solemize in the States of Colorado, California, District of Columbia, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Do you pick our vendors?

Although you will receive a detailed and extensive client guide with logistics, tips, and vendor/lodging recommendations – it will be up to you to make bookings!

What if we want more than 30 guests?

Because I’m so passionate about elopemants and small weddings, I do not offer wedding coverage for weddings that include 30 guests or more. I believe in only focusing on my time on you rad and brave couples!