The Best Places to Print Wedding Photos – and Why You Should!

Technology has made it easier than ever to share your wedding photos! Your photographer  will likely send you an online gallery, then you can post them on social media, send them to your family, and download them with the click of a button. Less and less couples are choosing to print their wedding photos – but, I believe it’s worth every penny. Keep reading to learn why every couple should print their wedding photos! 

And because not all prints are created equal, I’ll also talk about the best places to print wedding photos to ensure great results!

Technology Fails

The truth is that technology fails – often! Hard drives are notorious for failing after a few years, computers die (or are killed by a rogue glass of water), and when this happens, the photos from your wedding go with them. 

You may be able to recover your photos by going to the gallery your photographer sent you, but these usually aren’t around forever either! Photographers often have a time limit on how long your gallery stays up, and they usually need to clear their backups every so often – so after a couple of years, there’s a good chance your photos will be erased completely. Not only that, but there’s no guarantee that the website your photographer used to host your gallery will be around forever – and that’s totally out of their control!

Sure, things happen to physical prints and albums too – but there’s a lot more you can do to prevent damage to your photos than you can to stop technology from letting you down. Of course, the best thing to do is to have your digital files saved in at least two places, and have physical copies of your photos as well! Be sure to read the best places to print wedding photos down below, as low quality prints may not hold up over time.

You’ll Look at The photos More Often

Be honest, when was the last time you really looked through the thousands of photos saved on your phone? And the ones on your computer?

You’re much more likely to look at a physical photo album than you are to scroll through your digital memories. Especially if it’s somewhere you see it often, an album on a coffee table or some photos on your wall will remind you to take a few minutes to relive those memories.  

your images are a Conversation Starter

Hanging some photos up on your wall will ensure that everyone who visits will be able to see them! While you can share photos on social media, seeing them in person will grab people’s attention, and you’re much more likely to share a wedding album with your guests than to sit them in front of your computer to scroll through your online gallery.

Sharing photos and memories from your wedding day can be a lot of fun, and having a physical reminder of the day helps you do that!

the photos just Feel Better

No, literally. There’s just something about the feeling of picking up a photo, or flipping through an album that’s way more satisfying than clicking the arrows on your keyboard. Picking up a photo and taking the time to look at it will help you notice the little details that might be missed when you’re looking at it through a screen! These photos tell the story of your wedding day – and psychologically, humans are more connected to things that are tangible. So, being able to physically hold your photos and flip through the memories of your wedding day make them feel so much more meaningful.

photos are Family Heirlooms

Your kids, and their grandkids, probably won’t be looking through the files on your old computer. But photo albums are an incredible way to pass down stories and memories down to future generations. Have you ever found an old album, or some photos of your relatives? It’s a really exciting feeling, and being able to put a visual to the stories told is a really special experience. They’ll love laughing at the outdated outfits and hairstyles, but they’ll especially love seeing their family throughout the years.

The Best Places to Print Wedding Photos

When it comes to the best places to print wedding photos, it’s really important that you do your research! Prints from Walgreens or Costco may seem like a bargain, but the truth is there is a huge difference in the quality of these photos when compared to a professional photo lab. Professional printing labs will accurately match the colors, and print in high quality ink that will look as good in 20 years as it does now! Cheaper alternatives will look a little off – whether it’s the color, the sharpness, or both. These are your most precious memories, and it’s worth the investment to make sure your prints come out perfectly! Here are the 5 best places to print wedding photos.

Indie Print Co

Indie Print Co is one of the best places to print wedding photos, especially if you’re looking to create an album. Owned and operated by professional photographers, they emphasize high quality products – and offer tons of options!

Miller’s Lab

Miller’s Lab offers a variety of print products, from photo prints to large displays! Their turnaround time is incredibly fast, with great quality products.


Another great option for the best places to print wedding photos is Finao. They offer photo albums that are easy to design and preview, so you know exactly what your finished product will look like!

Bay Photo Lab

Bay Photo Lab offers in person services in San Francisco, as well as the option to order online! You can order prints, canvas wraps, and more unique options for displaying your wedding photos.

Your Photographer’s online gallery

Your wedding photographer will likely give you the option to print your photos through them – and while they probably aren’t running a printing studio in their basement, they will know the best places to print your wedding photos and ensure that you get the best quality possible! This is a great way to support your photographer and their business after your wedding day!

If you are looking for a photographer who can give you these everlasting images, reach out and let’s see if we are an awesome fit. My Elopement packages start at $4200.

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